Italian high quality ice cream

Carefully selected raw material

Rich assortment of flavours

Unprecedented and smart design

Enriched with greedy inclusions

Gelato Crunch

Gelato Crunch is the latest of the many products created at Casa del Gelato.

It consists of a 100% Italian and high quality kind of gelato prepared by using the best quality of the ingredients available on the market and carefully selected by our Research and Development Department.

A product that presents a very low content of oxygen, equal to the 20%, resulting thus in a thicker, heavier and more solid texture. We could call it an American style kind of gelato, but 100% made in Italy, with Italian raw materials and in compliance with the most classic and worldwide renowned Italian gelato-making tradition.

A captivating design, consisting of a very simple but elegant transparent plastic pint with screwable lid that enhances the beauty and the excellence of the product.

Innovative combinations of flavors, ranging from the most typical flavors of the Italian gelato making tradition up to exploring tastes and sensations belonging to more distant and exotic cultures and abundantly stuffed with rich and precious inclusions such as chocolate brownies, cookie pieces, chocolate, pistachio grains, pecan nut just to name a few.

Gelato Crunch …never eaten before?